Rental Machine Installation

One of our rental fleet of containerised Series 2000DD Threading Machines set up and threading Premium and API Rotary shoulder connections in the Permian Basin. 2" - 20" threading capacity commissioned and in production within 24 hours of arrival.

In-Situ Threading Services

8", 10" and 12" WW Threaded Casings in various lengths cut and threaded for a customer. In-Situ can provide in-house machining and threading services in our Glasgow based facility.

New Website

Welcome to our new website!

In-Situ Engineering Services

In-Situ has built a team of highly skilled electrical, mechanical, design and project engineers, many of whom have worked in the Machine Tool service sector for many years to build and support our own unique Machine Tools. As the only Machine Tool builder in Scotland, we are now able to offer our services to the entire engineering sector.

Robotic Toolchanger

In an effort to decrease tool change time, we are looking into swapping the current mechanical toolchanger for a robotic replacement. Not only will this increase the speed at which tools are changed on the head, but it will also decrease the time taken to swap tools outwith the machining area, ready to toolchange immediately on demand. Decreasing cycle time has been of regular interest for our customers and this should be a big step towards achieving the lowest time possible.

Image courtesy of FANUC Robotics.

Mechanical Toolchanger

Changing tools on the machining head has traditionally required user intervention. The machine would need to be put into a safe condition, allowing the operator door to be opened for access to the machining head. The tool was then physically removed and replaced with the new required tool. In order to avoid this and increase the efficiency of the machine, a mechanical toolchanger has been integrated. This toolchanger has the capacity for 30 x C6 or 26 x C8 tools. Not only does this decrease the cycle time, it also provides a safer working condition for the operator as it is a hands-off approach.